Thu, Dec 7th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Sisyphus Brewing
712 Ontario Ave W #100, Minneapolis MN 55403

Cocktails with Creatives: Sisyphus Brewing

Join friends and colleagues for a night of conversations and connections. Cocktails with Creatives’ sponsor Chank Diesel of Chank Fonts! will buy a beverage for the first 30 guests and provide food from Chowgirls Killer Catering.

Sisyphus Brewing
712 Ontario Avenue W. #100
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Entrance around the corner on Aldrich. Parking Free street parking. City lot available across Lyndale Avenue under the freeway. (Basilica Lot – cash only)
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sisyphus-logoOur beers list is always changing. Sisyphus Brewing aims to educate beer drinkers about the variety of styles, ingredients and the brewing process. We want beer to be onsite only. Our plan to grow will be to build out a 100 seat theater that will feature comedy and live music. Sisyphus Brewing aims to: 1) Offer new beers on a weekly basis 2) Offer live entertainment in the form of live podcasts, comedy, and music 3) Create an atmosphere of education and beer enjoyment The name Sisyphus Brewing comes from an ancient Greek myth about a man who defied the gods in order to return to the world after he had died. His punishment for this act was to push a rock up a mountain for all eternity. When the rock reached the top of the mountain, it rolled back to the bottom, forcing him to start all over again. Albert Camus, a French novelist, compared the human experience to that of Sisyphus, claiming that we find ourselves in a similar situation, toiling meaninglessly on the side of a mountain. However, lucky for us, we have delicious beers along for the ride. See you soon.


chankAlphabetician. Builder of Fonts. Chank Diesel. That’s me. And I create everything from custom fonts for corporations and ready-to-buy fonts for professional designers to the occasional free font for the masses. My fonts are seen everywhere, instantly setting the intended tone for packaging, advertising, video games, publications, you name it. It may only be 26 letters (well, uppercase and lowercase, plus a fistful of symbols) but what they say is more than what they spell. You’ve got a project. A vision. The letters A-Z. Now, what do you want to say? [email protected]


About Cocktails with Creatives

Cocktails with Creatives (CWC) is a monthly social and open networking opportunity for members and interested non-members. Get in touch with the Director of Membership with questions or to discuss our membership structurevolunteering or venue ideas.

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Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
Director of Membership
Amanda was introduced to AIGA in 2012 through the Minnesota chapter’s mixer, Cocktails with Creatives, and has been involved ever since. She has served on the for two years on Portfolio 1-on-1 as well as Design Show committee. Currently, she serves on the board as Director of Membership and organizes Cocktails with Creatives. Being a part of the design community, especially this local chapter, has been a stellar part of her life and she looks forward to making a positive difference.

During the work week, Amanda is a committed in-house Creative Advisor and Sr. Web Designer at Gradient Financial Group in the Twin Cities, primarily performing account management, while also building responsive websites for clients. She’s a lucky lady to be on a team of 20+ creatives, from designers to developers to videographers to copywriters.

Amanda loves the outdoors, people, and having lots of fun! During her time away from work, she takes full advantage of being active during all seasons. Her favorite activities include golfing, kayaking, camping, motorcycle trips and is always up for connecting over a good cup of coffee for great conversation.