Wed, Apr 2nd, 5:00pm - 5:00pm

Design Show 2014: Final Entry Deadline

There isn’t much that separates design talk from pillow talk. It’s a sexy industry and we say sassy things like: nice spread, push it further, and make it bigger. You spend hours doing the dirty work, caressing images, pushing stiff type and making it pop. And when you think it’s ready to show the world, there’s always something that’s too big—or too small. Sure it’s exhausting and maybe a little perverted, but what the heck. Now it’s time to let it all hang out and show us what you’ve got. We dare you.

Extended Entry Deadline: April 2 Design Show and Judge’s Panel Discussion: April 10

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The AIGA Minnesota Design Show highlights the most exceptional design work being produced in the upper Midwest and showcases the power of design in today’s culture. This annual competition is independently judged by leading design professionals from across the country and is structured around the entry’s ability to solve the problem of communicating both design’s effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Selected entries are presented at the Design Show’s opening reception and are showcased online for the following year. Follow @aigamn #designshow for up-to-date information.

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