AIGA Minnesota is pleased to announce that a number of new members have been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors effective immediately.

New Officers and Directors

Officers and directors are elected by the membership and form the majority of the board, fulfilling positions within specific areas of expertise for the benefit of the membership. Officers and directors are entrusted with voting rights and normally serve 2-year terms.

  • Susan Seeley Roe, President Elect  (6-month term)
    The President-elect has shown commitment, initiative and gravitas within the design community to serve as the interim leader to the chapter. The President-elect will work closely with the President, Vice President and Treasurer to ensure that board efforts and chapter activities are in the best interest of the Chapter’s financial and organizational health as well as local membership needs, and are in alignment with its mission and annual strategic goals.
  • Heather Brooks, Vice President 
    The Vice President is generally involved in all of AIGA Minnesota’s activities, although their major contributions are in strategy, programming, and operations. This position works to maintain the high quality of Chapter programs and to ensure programs are meeting the needs of members and using Chapter resources effectively. The Vice President also acts to support the President and the rest of the board in their functions.
  • Grant Hasbrouck, Director of Communications 
    The Director of Communications oversees the development and implementation of AIGA Minnesota communications, strategies, and the communications to support our members. The Director ensures communications are in alignment with AIGA and AIGA Minnesota’s missions and goals. Works to present a clear, unified voice that is in the best interest of the chapter and consistent with AIGA ethics and communications guidelines.

New Associate Directors

Associate directors are appointed by majority vote of the board of directors and serve the board within a specific function, usually by representing a particular membership affinity group or by performing a special assignment. Associate directors do not have voting rights and normally serve for 1- or 2-year terms.

  • Jacqueline Quintanilla, Associate Director of Student Affairs  (1-year term)
    The Associate Director of Student Affairs acts as liaison between the Chapter’s leadership and its current and potential student members. This role works closely with the Director of Education and the Education committee and provides a voice for the AIGA Minnesota Chapter to ensure student affairs are considered in Board strategic decisions while offering a deeper insight to AIGA and the design profession both locally and nationally.
  • Lydia Hoelzlhammer, Associate Director, Content Management
    The Associate Director of Content Management is responsible for the ongoing strategy, management, and editing of AIGA Minnesota’s Chapter communications. This role works in conjunction with the Associate Director of Social Engagement and under the leadership of the Director of Communications to improve overall marketing communications content and processes in support of the Chapter’s programming, interactive, and operational needs.
  • Savina Proykova, Associate Director, Social Media Engagement
    The Associate Director of Social Media Engagement is responsible for representing the voice of our Chapter online and supporting engagement across our social media channels. This role is supported by an additional social media role to improve the Chapter’s social media communications, systems and processes in support of AIGA Minnesota’s interactive, communication, and programming needs.

About board elections

Several times each year, AIGA Minnesota welcomes new members to serve on its board of directors and lead efforts to shape the direction of the organization. For the term beginning July 1, 2018, a nominating committee recommended a slate of nominees for consideration of open officer- and director‑level positions on the board. The slate was approved for ratification by a vote of the organization’s Supporting, Sustaining, Design Leader, and Trustee‑level members. Non‑voting associate directors are appointed by a majority vote of the board.

About the AIGA Minnesota Board of Directors

Governance of a membership organization requires a solid commitment from dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers with a variety of talents and attributes. For AIGA Minnesota, the board of directors is one of its distinct assets that serves and protects the brand and legacy of the organization. The board ideally represents a cross-section of thought leadership across the design profession, with each member taking charge of an area specifically suited to his or her talents and interests in order to benefit the full membership.

Want to help shape the future of the Minnesota chapter?

AIGA Minnesota is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and in the past 12 months more than 100 AIGA members have volunteered for the chapter in some capacity giving freely of their time, expertise and resources. Their passion is the lifeblood of the organization.

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved either by serving on the Chapter board or by volunteering to support various Chapter programming and initiatives throughout the year.

We’re always looking for local design leaders and enthusiasts to step up and commit to a term of service to help shape the future of the Minnesota chapter.

Contact Leadership

Katrin Loss
Katrin Loss
A member of AIGA since 1999, Katrin served on many committees and in a variety of roles for the Minnesota chapter since 2002, including chairing the Luncheon Lectures series from 2003–2010 and volunteering on the Design Show committee since 2010. In 2007, she joined AIGA Minnesota’s board of directors as the Associate Director, Luncheons and, in 2011, was named “Volunteer of the Year.” Most recently, Katrin served as AIGA Minnesota’s Vice President for two years, including overseeing the Programming Council. Prior to that, she served as AIGA Minnesota’s Director of Operations for five years overseeing and improving systems and processes in support of AIGA Minnesota’s numerous and diverse programming needs and co-chaired the 2014 AIGA Minnesota Design Show.

An award-winning art director/designer with extensive experience in brand development, Katrin currently works in-house for Best Buy’s Brand Design team. Katrin is a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in graphic design, and also holds a degree in business administration and international trade from Staatliche Handelsschule in Hamburg, Germany. A strong creative leader with analytical skills, her background in design and business coupled with experience working and living in the U.S. and Europe permits a unique global perspective.

An active member of the design community for over 15 years, Katrin currently serves on MCAD’s Alumni Association Board of Directors. She is the co-founder of AIGA EMERGE, a scalable initiative that offers a series of events, experiences, and content tailored to help the emerging designer hone their skills, explore their interests, and grow
their career.