Our Charge & Vision

Our charge is to diversify our organization, the design industry, and those that benefit* from or support** the design community by providing resources, fostering spaces for purposeful dialogue, and designing materials that inform and positively change our communities. *Agencies, businesses, non-profits, organizations, etc. **Programmers, developers, artists, photographers, etc.

Our vision is for AIGA Minnesota to become an organization that leads the design industry and those that contribute to its making in inclusion* efforts for our leadership, members, and current events. *Inclusion of marginalized voices within race, ethnicity, abilities, gender, sexuality, religion, age, location, economics, education, and experience level.

Meeting Times

Meetings are on third Mondays from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. You can join us virtually via Zoom or ArcStone in Minneapolis.


DoBetterMN #DoBetterMN is a campaign created by our committee that explores the diversity, inclusion, and accessibility of the design industry. Learn more about the campaign here.

D&I Recommendations for Creatives & Venues We have compiled a list of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Creatives living and working in Minnesota. If you’d like access to our BIPOC Creatives deck, please contact the Director of Diversity & Inclusion. It is important for us that contacts agree to follow our community agreement before gaining access to our list.

As a committee, we felt it important to also highlight a diverse range of venues that folks can support. Check out growing list of venue recommendations.

Join Us

If you’re interested in creating positive change throughout our organization and industry by increasing marginalized representation and retention, join our committee.

Contact Leadership

Diversity & Inclusion
Director of Diversity and Inclusion