2012 aiga minnesota Design Show

Polaroid 300 Business Cards

By Brandon Harrison


    After designing a new identity for Matt, he wanted me to create a business card that showcased his love for Denver and his affinity for film photography. Matt is unique in the fact that he only books a handful of clients every year and shoots almost exclusively in the Denver area. So, we needed a solution that wasn’t just unique, but cost-effective as well.

    Polaroid 300 film was the perfect fit; literally—they’re even the perfect size! Matt was able to pour his heart, hands and craft into every detail of these cards. They’re not just a showcase of his work, but also a representation of his work ethic. From the tactile embossing, to the nuances of stamping and film, we think these cards are pretty darn unique, memorable, and engaging.

    Delivery of Work

    This was a self-promo for my client. His new website and one-on-one contact with potential clients were the methods of transportation for this project.

    The Results

    The results left my client absolutely stoked! And to be honest, they turned out better than I initially thought they would. Every person who has seen these cards, including potential clients, have had nothing but praise. The general consensus is that they're the most unique business cards they've seen.