I went to my first Design Camp in 1985 when it was still held at the Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior. One night we had a bonfire on the beach and saw the Northern Lights brighten the night sky with breathtaking beauty. It was a truly awesome sight for this Kansas girl to see. Right then and there I knew that Minnesota was the perfect adopted home for me.
Not long after I moved to Minneapolis from New York City I was asked to be on the Minnesota Graphic Designers Association’s board of directors. It was a time of transition to what is now AIGA Minnesota. Carol Capistrant was MGDA president and she patiently guided us through what seemed like endless meetings where we went over each detail of the by-laws for the new chapter. Tedious? Yes. Necessary? Yes. Hats off to everyone who assisted in the “labor and delivery” that gave birth to our beloved AIGA Minnesota chapter!
After years of raising kids and being only marginally involved in the AIGA Minnesota chapter, I was inspired by my friend Heather Olson who signed on to be Director of Education. I thought that if Heather could do it, so could I. When she completed her board term, Seth Johnson and I stepped up to be the new Co-Directors of Education. It took two of us to fill Heather’s shoes! Thus began my reintegration into the AIGA community and one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences of my life. I am so grateful for all the amazing friends I have made through AIGA Minnesota!

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