by Sue Crolick
About 25 yrs ago, AIGA MN talked me into joining the board. I’d never been on board in my life. I asked, “Can’t I just watch you guys for awhile?”
They said, “Nope, you’re gonna WORK. You’re director of Public Relations.”

My job was to get press coverage for AIGA. I wondered what to do, and started thinking about doing something creative for the community. What if we used our talent to help people in need?
In the fall of 1993, we assembled the first-ever AIGA Public Service Committee, and brainstormed how to use our creativity to make a difference.
We produced our first event, a decorating party to help people living with AIDS. We were thrilled to see how many AIGA volunteers showed up to help. In one day, we hand-painted over 700 holiday gift boxes for people home-bound with the disease.
Next, we created an event to help abused kids living in shelters. Designers worked one-on-one with the kids, helping each child create a life-sized self-portrait and transform into a hero.
I got so inspired by what we were doing, I closed my design business and started Art Buddies!
Over the years, AIGA was a huge help to our nonprofit, donating money, fundraisers, design help, publicity, and — most important — hundreds of big-hearted and talented volunteers.
AIGA was not only the inspiration for my brand new career, it also connected thousands of creatives with people who needed them.
Thanks, AIGA Minnesota, for making a huge difference in my life, and in the life of our community!

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