Board Members Are Elected by You

Several times a year, AIGA Minnesota welcomes new members to its board of directors to help shape the direction of the organization.

We are delighted to submit for your consideration and vote the following slate for the AIGA Minnesota board of directors.

A nominating committee has recommended the following individuals for a 2-year term:

  • Heather Brooks, President
  • Carla Januska, for Vice President
  • Michelle Schulp, for Director of Technology
  • Bert Lee, for Director of Education

Ballots must be received no later than 5:00pm CST on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

Heather Brooks

Heather Brooks

For as long as she can remember Heather has been a lover of color and pattern and a skilled problem solver. Design brought these two passions together and there has been no looking back. Currently in-house at a local nonprofit, Opportunity Partners, Heather spends her days designing print and digital materials to support the mission of advancing the quality of life for adults with disabilities.

Heather holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where she was encouraged to join AIGA as a student. In her free time, Heather is out enjoying all the wonderful places in the Twin Cities with her partner, family, friends and dogs, Paisley and Guthrie.

For the past year, Heather served as Vice President for AIGA Minnesota. Prior to that, she served as the organization’s Secretary.

Carla Januska

Carla Januska

Carla Januska is the founder of Smart Hive, a data visualization focused creative consultancy. Carla is a firm believer in using consistent, creative visualization to drive branding and marketing through story-led differentiation. She uses data-driven storytelling to create unique, ownable experiences across multiple platforms.

Carla currently serves as Secretary for AIGA Minnesota and co-chairs the Solopreneurs committee.

Michelle Schulp

Michelle is an independent graphic designer and frontend developer in Minneapolis. Prior to beginning her career, she studied Visual Communications, with minors in Psychology and Sociology. As her work progressed, she also branched into front-end development and user experience design to round our her skillset. This combination of disciplines led her to adopt a strategy-based approach to design, focused on solving tangible problems and achieving real goals based on how people think.

She loves the open source community, and when she is not working on projects she speaks/volunteers/organizes at events and workshops around the country. Her passions are communication and empowerment, and she believes in the power of “Why?”

For the past two years, Michelle served as Director of Technology for AIGA Minnesota. Prior to that, she chaired the Solopreneurs committee.

Bert Lee

Bert Lee is a speaker, dancer and digital magician. He specializes in public speaking and is a member of Toastmasters club competing in speech competitions and hosting his own workshops teaching the art of effective communication, listening and building confidence on stage with an understanding of body language. With Bert being an active dancer, he oversees a community group called Hmong Breakers Leadership Council organizing local charity events and dance competitions in support of his local dancers and artists. Bert enjoys designing marketing collaterals and visuals to craft compelling brand stories for small businesses.

Consistent with AIGA Minnesota’s bylaws, the proposed slate is submitted to the voting membership for ratification. Supporting-, sustaining-, design leader-, and trustee-level members of AIGA Minnesota in good standing are entitled to vote in board member elections; contributor-level members and non-members are not entitled to vote. The vote is either for or against the entire slate.

Ballots must be received no later than 5:00pm CST on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

Board members completing their terms at the end of June 2019

We would like to thank the following individuals who have served, worked, and ideated all in your name for the past two (and sometimes even more) years on the AIGA Minnesota board of directors.

Katrin Loss, President
Pete Rivard, Director of Education
Jacqueline Quintanilla, Associate Director of Student Affairs

Board members continuing their service

Kayla Bries, Treasurer

Ted Kusio, Director of Alliances
Grant Hasbrouck, Director of Communications
Terresa Moses, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Jenny Schmitz Hinshaw, (interim) Director of Legacy Programming
Ashley Green, Director of Membership

Emily Weigel, Associate Director of Archives
Lydia Hoelzlhammer, Associate Director of Content Management
Randy Piechowski, (interim) Associate Director, Development
Jenni Lathrop, Associate Director of Registration
Abby Wichman, Associate Director of Social Media Engagement

Contact Leadership

Carla Januska
Carla Januska