Fri, Oct 1st, 12:00am - Sun, Oct 3rd 12:00am

Design Camp 2010

You’ve heard the stories. Whether you’re a Design Camp veteran starting a fire with a Pantone chip or a first-timer wondering how you’ll recharge your iPad in the woods, don’t miss this—the 30th anniversary of Design Camp. October 1–3, 2010 Grand View Lodge Nisswa, MN Design Camp presented by Adobe Systems

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Deduce, Decode, Decompress.

Design demands that we decipher the unknown. We must crack the code constantly on new clients, new markets, new technologies. We’re continually challenged and constantly stretching, no matter what the assignment. It’s our creative process that makes meaning and deciphers what’s unknown. Design Camp 2010 will feature amazing speakers, timely workshops, and key insights into cracking the code. SPECIAL EARLY BIRD RATES THROUGH SEPTEMBER 15:

    • Student Member | $135 or $100 by 9/15
    • Student Non-Member | $210
    • Professional | $260 or $235 by 9/15
    • Professional Non-Member | $425
    • Spouse / Guest* of Member | $260 or $235 by 9/15

    Register by September 15 for early bird rates!

      Registration info and further details at the Design Camp 2010 Website » Speakers Frank Chimero Frank is a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, maker, writer, and thinker-at-large in Portland, Oregon. “My fascination with the creative process, curiosity, and visual experience informs all of my work in some way. Each piece is the part of an exploration in finding wit, surprise, honesty, and joy in the world around us, then, trying to document those things with all deliberate speed before they vanish.” – Frank Chimero Roshi Givechi Roshi is a Design Director and Associate Partner at IDEO. As such, she works toward deeper engagement with clients and other stakeholders through all forms of storytelling. Through communication, interaction, and new media design, Roshi explores and defines how people interact with objects, space, services, and one another. She has co-taught cross-disciplinary design at the California College of the Arts, has designed websites at Microsoft and MSNBC, spoken at conferences, and coached IDEO workshop clients on ways to innovate. She was profiled in I.D. Magazine’s January 2009 list of 40 leading design innovators. Karim Charlebois-Zariffa Karim creates the kind of magic you see all the time but never really think about. Commercials where buildings explode with paint, music videos where rock stars appear to be floating in thin air, or film title sequences where plasticine figures morph into live-action people and back again. “For me, motion design is a mix of everything. It’s mainly graphic design and movement. It’s using a variety of techniques to get to what you want to say. What I find most interesting is finding a new technique of animation every time. It’s always a challenge.” – Karim Charlebois-Zariffa Doyald Young Doyald is a graphic designer, typographer, teacher, lecturer and self-published author of Logotypes & Letterforms, Fonts & Logos (a Western Art Directors Club silver medalist), and The Art of the Letter.”‘Don’t wait for inspiration. Get to work.’ I think that makes a lot of sense. One sketch often suggests something else, so one thing leads to another. Either you start refining it with variation, or it takes you in different directions. There are days when ideas don’t come, a condition that I do not fully understand. On those days I go to other resources. I look at type books. I have a wonderful encyclopedia of typefaces. I keep a morgue of things that I like, and I think it’s why graphic designers acquire a library, because occasionally you need something that’s a catalyst to spark an idea. But to be inspired, I don’t think in those terms. It’s just a problem that I’ve got to solve.” – Doyald Young

      Contact Leadership

      Grant Hasbrouck
      Director of Communications
      Graphic Designer, Communications Specialist, Photographer, Environmentalist.
      Grant has been a member of AIGA since 2012 when the Student Design Organization of University of Minnesota Duluth was visited by AIGA members Chank Diesel and Ken Friberg.
      He graduated from UMD with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2013, but has been designing graphics professionally since 2012 with a strong focus on brand-systems, and began his communications career with the MN DFL party in 2016.
      He has worked for a variety of clients and employers, but his favorites are always causes and non-profits with goals and beliefs that resonate with his-own: Clean Energy, Environmentalism, Human Rights, and Social Justice.