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Submit Your Spring 2018 PIG Proposal

Member voices steer the direction of the chapter. Twice a year, funds that have been set aside are made available for note-worthy proposals that aim to improve the chapter’s programming, provide new opportunities or strengthen core messages. By sharing your vision and allowing AIGA Minnesota to reinvest in membership, you can add significant value to the chapter. Application deadline Tuesday, July 17th, 5:00 PM CST

Our piggy. Your ideas.

As a member, you make AIGA Minnesota the first place to turn for inspiration, professional development, and excellence in design—and now we want your bright ideas to make our chapter even better. This year, instead of putting some of last year’s profits aside, we’re putting the money where our mouth is. How are we doing it?

Through the Program Improvement Grant (PIG):

  • The PIG is your vision.
  • The PIG is your voice.
  • The PIG is our bank, your opportunity.

AIGA Minnesota assets, such as dues and program income, belong to our members—which makes this opportunity to improve our programming by re-investing these assets a snap. With the support of an AIGA Minnesota committee, members are invited to pitch their ideas for improving chapter programming, producing new opportunities, or reaching new audiences. We’re seeking trackable and targeted proposals that add value to the chapter and increase investment over the course of four to eight years.

Ready to innovate?

Grant applications should be submitted to the chapter’s vice president and will be accepted twice each yea. Submitted applications will go before the board’s programming council for review and recommendation for funding. The board will then cast a final vote to allocate funding to approved applications.

Successful PIG-funded projects that eventually become financially solvent and sustainable will no longer be eligible for future PIG funding; projects will only remain eligible for future funding until they become regular or expected (for a definition of “regular or expected” see the application).

Here’s your checklist:

  • If you’re not already an AIGA Minnesota member, join online today for as little as $50.
  • Grab a pencil and get your ideas down.
  • Join or create a committee that supports your vision:
    • Design For Good
    • Education Committee / Student Designers
    • Emerging Designers
    • Expert Designers
    • In-House Designers
    • Sustainable Design
    • Solopreneurs
    • UX Designers
    • Legacy Events — any of AIGA Minnesota’s large-scale signature events; contact Renee Ebert for more information
    • Programming Opportunities — completely new ideas, possibly produced with the help of an external partner; contact Valerie Carlson for more information
  • Download the brief APPLICATION FORM, submit your application—and go! Up to $3,500 in PIG funds is available allocation for approved grant proposals.

Application deadline is Tuesday, July 17, 5:00PM CST.



Whether it’s a small question, or a big idea, email AIGA Minnesota’s Vice President, Matt Ludvigson, at any point in time. He can help you formulate your idea, get your details into the application, and champion your cause.

Contact Leadership

Matt Ludvigson
Matt Ludvigson
Vice President
Like something eye-catching in the toy store window, a career in graphic design was born from the curiosity of a passerby. Matt Ludvigson found himself on the outside looking in at a compelling industry without a clue of where to start. Through the dedication of countless teachers and mentors, Matt fanned his sparks of curiosity into wildfire.

Fast forward to the present, and Matt is still feeding the fire.

Matt is a graphic designer working with Capsule in Minneapolis. Throughout his four year professional career, he has worked in a handful of shops in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area. Matt is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and awarded a BFA degree. Despite his best efforts to find out, Matt still has no idea what a “Blugold” is.

Matt’s volunteering experience stems back nearly the entirety of his life. Punctuated by the obtainment of the Eagle Scout award, Matt has strong experience with leadership in volunteer positions. Matt believes in helping others to achieve their goals and being an instrument of advancement in the field of design.

Above all, Matt believes in saying what you need to say and then getting off the stage.