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Tim Foss Presentation: Best (Solo) Practices – Space For Change

To put Tim Foss’ presentation into words almost seems sacrilegious. He is, after all, the preeminent visual storyteller whose live-event graphic recording work has documented business meetings from tourism boards to TedX. (Watch for him doing his thing at the upcoming TedX in Minneapolis, as well). At the July 6 meeting, Tim stepped back to tell us his life story, visually and in words, as a demonstration of his storytelling technique. Spaceman Tim Foss - AIGA Solopreneurs 2016-07-06 - July 06, 2016 (4) From growing up somewhat outcast in a rural Wisconsin town to trying to set out as an pottery artist in Seattle, Tim experienced the three key elements to any superhero’s story: trauma, destiny, and chance. The other common thread, the idea of finding and experiencing what gives you your “flow state,” a sense of presence in the activity you are engaged in, is key to Tim’s journey. Oh, and cats, too, which perhaps is more unique to Tim’s story. Tim’s experience with cats acts as his reference, his yardstick, marking the transitions that any good life story must include. Spaceman Tim Foss - AIGA Solopreneurs 2016-07-06 - July 06, 2016 (3) As part of his presentation-slash-workshop, we spent time considering superheroes—in particular, considering each of our own super powers and how that shapes our own story. For Tim, a college once told him that his super power is space… knowing how to interpret the room, to see everything as a whole. And so Spaceman Tim was born! And finding, and embracing this idea, whatever it is, can be instrumental to shaping each of our careers. But it is just as important to be aware of our individual kryptonite, the thing that takes our power away. Spaceman Tim Foss - AIGA Solopreneurs 2016-07-06 - July 06, 2016 (2) As Tim challenged us: what is the shiny bright version of ourselves? You can find more of Tim at Spaceman Tim Foss - AIGA Solopreneurs 2016-07-06 - July 06, 2016 (1) Summary and Photography by Paul Nylander.

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