2017 Portfolio 1-on-1® Scholarship Winners

In 2017, there were 55 portfolio entries competing for a total of eight scholarships. It was all the judges could do to narrow these entries down to the final eight, representing five universities and colleges from three states. AIGA Minnesota congratulates the 2017 winners and thanks the scholarship sponsors for their generous support.

Scholarship Awards & Winners

AIGA Minnesota: $1,500 Nick Christy, Concordia University, St. Paul. See winning portfolio here.

AIGA Minnesota: $1,500 Hans Slade, University of Minnesota. See winning portfolio here.

Clockwork: $1,500 Leonardo Cleto, Fort Hayes State University, Kansas. See winning portfolio here.

AIGA Minnesota Fellows: $1,500 Heather Homa, North Hennepin Community College. See winning portfolio here.

Franke + Fiorella: $1,500 Rishi Murugesan, University of Minnesota. See winning portfolio here.

Tim Larsen: $1,500 Nick Neary, Concordia University, St. Paul. See winning portfolio here.

Little & Co: $1,500 Dana Kingery, University of Minnesota. See winning portfolio here.

Smartpress: $1,500 Michael Guite, University of Wisconsin-Stout. See winning portfolio here.


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Bert Lee
Bert Lee
Director of Education
Bert Lee is a speaker, dancer and digital magician. He specializes in public speaking and is a member of Toastmasters club competing in speech competitions and hosting his own workshops teaching the art of effective communication, listening and building confidence on stage with an understanding of body language. With Bert being an active dancer, he oversees a community group called Hmong Breakers Leadership Council organizing local charity events and dance competitions in support of his local dancers and artists. Bert enjoys designing marketing collaterals and visuals to craft compelling brand stories for small businesses.