On September 26, a group of accomplished studio and in-house designers, educators, and design firm principals shared their knowledge in free-flowing conversations with students, emerging designers, designers between jobs, and those working independently. What can 25 mentors and 35 mentees accomplish in a “60-Minute Mentor” Luncheon? Plenty, according to participants we heard from following the event.

One mentee wrote: “Thank you so much for encouraging me to go to the mentor luncheon. Events like that are exactly why I want to be a part of AIGA. It was great talking to Derek from Sussner, and Stefan from Kick. It’s sometimes difficult at events…to try to break into a group, whereas here everyone at the table was ready to talk to each other. I would say it was a success and hope that AIGA continues to do mentoring events like that in the future.”

A mentor shared, “Participating in the Mentor Luncheon made me appreciate even more what a collegial and ‘can do’ design community we have in Minnesota. I am so proud to be a part of it.”

And a guest observer from the MCAD Alumni Mentorship Committee commented, “Great event! The format worked quite well at our table. The three mentors created a combined roundtable after some initial one-on-one with the assigned mentees.”

Stay tuned for future installments of this highly informative networking event in 2014.

Lunch with a Legend Lunch with a Legend Lunch with a Legend
Lunch with a Legend Lunch with a Legend

Photos by Lisa Romanowski

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Emily McLaughlin
Emily McLaughlin
Director of Communications
Emily is a graphic designer and creative director based in Saint Paul, MN. She passionate about the potential for design to cultivate collaboration and cleave opportunities. As Communications Director of AIGA Minnesota, her emphasis is on supporting and engaging the design community while kindling new connections.