My favorite AIGAMN moment: The poem Kolean Pitner wrote for Seth Johnson and I after our first year as President and VP of the board. It sums up my amazing experience leading with Seth and the countless friendships made during my many years as a volunteer. And if you know Kolean, it is quite the honor to have one of her poems as the world’s best thank you.

AIGA All Stars
Soik and Johnson, from Wisconsin,
What a team they are!
Through all the stress, they did press,
Then drank us under the bar.

Creative thinkers and kool-ai d drinkers,
They brought us all together.
Knowing right from wrong, they were oh so strong,
And steered us through stormy weather.

They are altruistic, not ballistic,
True keepers of the flame.
Report-requiring and awe-inspiring,
They restored AIGA’s good name.

There is no debate that they did create
A better organization.
After one short year, they deserve a cheer
And our sincere congratulations!

With gratitude and affection

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