AIGA Minnesota Welcomes New Board Members

January 14, 2018

AIGA Minnesota is pleased to announce that a number of new members have been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors effective immediately.

New directors

Directors are elected by the membership and form the majority of the board, fulfilling positions within specific areas of expertise for the benefit of the membership. Directors are entrusted with voting rights and normally serve two-year terms.

  • Andy Vitale, Director of Design Impact
    The Director of Design Impact oversees chapter programming, initiatives, and operations that serve to demonstrate, protect, or increase the value or impact of design as a professional craft, strategic tool, and vital cultural force. S/he will forge valuable connections and create opportunities for meaningful dialogue and the exchange of ideas with audiences that may currently be unaware of AIGA Minnesota or the broader design community or profession.

New associate directors

Associate directors are appointed by majority vote of the board of directors and serve the board within a specific function, usually by representing a particular membership affinity group or by performing a special assignment. Associate directors do not have voting rights and normally serve for 1- or 2-year terms.

  • Emily Weigel, Associate Director of Archives
    As the guardian of the memories, materials and records that have and continue to shape the identity of AIGA Minnesota, the Associate Director of Archives organizes, catalogs, manages, and maintains the chapter’s collection of various archival items that have historical importance to the organization.
  • Matt Olin, Associate Director of Career Stages
    The Associate Director of Career Stages represents and oversees chapter programming efforts and initiatives that serve the membership segments in terms of their Career Stages (e.g. Emerging Designers and Expert Designers). S/he works closely with the Director of Career Practice and the Associate Director of Career Specialties to ensure benefits offered to these membership segments are inspirational, educational, and provide networking opportunities.

About board elections

Several times each year, AIGA Minnesota welcomes new members to serve on its board of directors and lead efforts to shape the direction of the organization. For the term beginning January 1, 2018, a nominating committee recommended a slate of nominees for consideration of open officer- and director‑level positions on the board. The slate was approved for ratification by a vote of the organization’s Supporting, Sustaining, Design Leader, and Trustee‑level members. Non‑voting associate directors are appointed by a majority vote of the board.

About the AIGA Minnesota Board of Directors

Governance of a membership organization requires a solid commitment from dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers with a variety of talents and attributes. For AIGA Minnesota, the board of directors is one of its distinct assets that serves and protects the brand and legacy of the organization. The board ideally represents a cross-section of thought leadership across the design profession, with each member taking charge of an area specifically suited to his or her talents and interests in order to benefit the full membership.

To view a list of all currently serving AIGA Minnesota board members with biographies and photos, click here.

For more information

For information about serving on the board, click here or contact AIGA Minnesota’s Secretary.

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Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks
For as long as she can remember Heather has been a lover of color and pattern and a skilled problem solver. Design brought these two passions together and there has been no looking back.

 Currently in-house at a local nonprofit, Opportunity Partners, Heather spends her days designing print and digital materials to support the mission of advancing the quality of life for adults with disabilities.

Heather holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where she was encouraged to join AIGA as a student. 

In her free time, Heather is out enjoying all the wonderful places in the Twin Cities with her partner, family, friends and dogs, Paisley and Guthrie.