Thank you to all members who voted on the 2021-2023 AIGA Minnesota Board of Directors. We are pleased to announce our new (and continuing) members that have been elected to serve on the organization’s board effective immediately. Congratulations!

New Officers and Directors

Officers and directors are elected by the membership and form the majority of the board, fulfilling positions within specific areas of expertise for the benefit of the membership. Officers and directors are entrusted with voting rights and typically serve 2-year terms.

Carla Januska, Officer, President

Carla Januska is the founder and chief creative officer of Smart Hive. She is a creative strategist, director, and designer who uses UX, information design, brand & creative strategy, and brand design to tell better stories.  Carla is a firm believer in consistent, creative visualization across multiple channels to demand attention and respect, build brands, and increase communication. Her background and interests include data visualization, information design, UX/UI, creative ideation, brand strategy, creative leadership, design management, brand strategy, communications, and creative code.

Carla has been on the board of AIGA MN since 2018. She has served as Secretary and Vice President on the Executive Committee, co-chair of Solopreneurs, and participated in many of the chapter’s events, programs and committees. She believes that design is more important than ever to our world riddled with misinformation and competing agendas. She wants to work to make design accessible and inspiring to anyone interested in bringing the order, clarity, and beauty of design to solving communication, product and organizational problems.

Theresa Shim, Director, Alliances

Theresa is a Minneapolis-based Korean American professional and a freelance designer. She has much experience in the human services industry connecting marginalized communities to various resources including people and organizations. She believes in teamwork and bringing people together to achieve great results. Art and graphic design has always been part of her life, and as a starting designer, she wishes to be more connected to the creatives, while connecting the creatives to the larger community!


Danilo Bojic, Director, Education

As a native Serbian, born and raised in Belgrade, Danilo has earned his BFA in Graphic Communications and BA in Art History from the University of Houston in 2009. In 2012 Danilo had successfully defended his thesis and holds an MFA Degree in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston.

Danilo engages the questions of enticing shifts in perception in design education and the influence of contemporary society and culture on our visual cognition in his research practice. His goal is to visually investigate the ability to communicate in different formats and create different levels of cognition through perception, acceleration, and construction of messages that raise consciousness, sensitivity, and conviction.

In his teaching practice, Danilo is committed to transforming the traditional design curriculum to expand the level of understanding of core and advance theoretical principles while utilizing historical and contemporary knowledge to enhance the learning experience. Danilo currently teaches design at Winona State University in Minnesota, USA.

About board elections

Several times each year, AIGA Minnesota welcomes new members to serve on its board of directors and lead efforts to shape the direction of the organization. For the term beginning July 1, 2021, a nominating committee recommended a slate of nominees for consideration of open officer- and director‑level positions on the board. The slate was approved for ratification by a vote of the organization’s Supporting, Sustaining, Design Leader, and Trustee‑level members. Non‑voting associate directors are appointed by a majority vote of the board.

About the AIGA Minnesota Board of Directors

Governance of a membership organization requires a solid commitment from dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers with a variety of talents and attributes. For AIGA Minnesota, the board of directors is one of its distinct assets that serves and protects the brand and legacy of the organization. The board ideally represents a cross-section of thought leadership across the design profession, with each member taking charge of an area specifically suited to his or her talents and interests in order to benefit the full membership.

Want to help shape the future of the Minnesota chapter?

AIGA Minnesota is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and in the past 12 months more than 100 AIGA members have volunteered for the chapter in some capacity giving freely of their time, expertise and resources. Their passion is the lifeblood of the organization. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved either by serving on the Chapter board or by volunteering to support various Chapter programming and initiatives throughout the year. We’re always looking for local design leaders and enthusiasts to step up and commit to a term of service to help shape the future of the Minnesota chapter.