June 18, 2012

AIGA Minnesota is pleased to announce that numerous new members have been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors beginning on July 1, 2012. To view a list of all currently-serving AIGA Minnesota board members with biographies and photos, click here.

New officers

Officers are elected by the membership and comprise the executive leadership of the board of directors. Officers are entrusted with voting rights and normally serve for 2-year terms.

  • Seth Johnson, interim treasurer (for a 6-month term)
  • Jennifer Price, vice president
  • Jenny Schmitz-Hinshaw, president

New directors

Directors are elected by the membership and form the majority of the board of directors to fulfill positions within specific areas of expertise for the benefit the membership. Directors are entrusted with voting rights and normally serve for 2-year terms.

  • Douglas Brull, director of education
  • Jamie Larson, director of membership
  • Heather Olson, director of affinity programming

New associate directors

Associate directors are appointed by majority vote of the board of directors and serve the board within a specific function, usually by representing a particular membership affinity group or by performing a special assignment. Associate directors do not have voting rights and normally serve for 2-year terms.

  • Scott Adams, associate director of veteran designers
  • John Biasi, associate director of in-house designers
  • Kat Cummins, associate director of solopreneurs
  • Amy Dritz, associate director of sustainability
  • Abby Kallas, associate director of student affairs

About the AIGA Minnesota board

Governance of a membership organization requires a solid commitment from dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers with a variety of talents and attributes. For AIGA Minnesota, the board of directors is one of its distinct assets that serves and protects the brand and legacy of the organization. The board ideally represents a cross-section of thought leadership across the design profession, with each member taking charge of an area specifically suited to his or her talents and interests in order to benefit the full membership.

About board elections

Twice each year, AIGA Minnesota welcomes new members to serve on its board of directors, leading efforts to shape the direction of the organization. For the term beginning July 1, 2012, a nominating committee recommended a slate of nominees for consideration of open officer- and director‑level positions on the board. The slate was approved for ratification by a vote of the organization’s professional- and associate‑level members. Non‑voting associate directors are appointed by a majority vote of the board.

For more information

  • To view a list of all currently-serving AIGA Minnesota board members, click here.
  • For information about serving on the board, click here or contact Lisa Valley, director of volunteers.


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