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Established in 2009, the In-House Designers Committee is a discussion and resource group primarily composed of individuals who provide creative services within an organization. It offers those individuals an opportunity for professional development, community outreach, education, relationship building, and engagement. While promoting in-house design groups, the work they do within the local & national creative communities, and opportunities for partnerships to provide creative strategy, resources, and services.


What do we offer our members?

  • Opportunities to share and learn about what other in-house creative departments do while encouraging interaction and relationship building throughout the Minnesota & national creative communities.
  • Access to volunteering, mentoring, guest speakers, discussion, and unique event opportunities that foster professional development and relationship building within the local & national creative communities.
  • Access to events and workshops that support career development by bolstering skill sets and growing professional networks.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other creatives on member-proposed topics and issues.


Networking with other in-house design professionals is important for you and your career.

Becoming a member of the AIGA MN In-House Designers Committee is an opportunity to engage with the local & national in-house creative communities to share and learn expertise, insights, and industry knowledge from members to help you become a creative leader within your organization.


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Get involved in the In-House Designers Committee

Attend our next In-House Designers Committee virtual meeting on Friday October, 28 from 12-1 pm.


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Brent Larson
Brent Larson
Committee Chair, In-house Designers