Work In-House without being out of touch.

Established in 2009, the In-House Designers Committee fosters awareness and respect within the AIGA Minnesota chapter by providing resources, support, education and enhanced programming specific to their needs. With in-house designers making up roughly a third of AIGA Minnesota’s membership, the committee’s goal is to give this group a voice and enhance the connection of in-house designers to the local chapter.

To address the unique opportunities and challenges faced by this in-house community, AIGA has partnered with The Creative Group (TCG) to form “INitiative,” a program to help in-house designers make a greater impact at their companies, evolve professionally and connect with a broader network of peers. INitiative will deliver inspiration, advice and insights via online channels and in-person events:


Want to get involved in the In-House Designers?

Networking with other in-house design professionals helps you in your career, plus it’s fun. Being part of an active in-house design group will energize your creativity and help you navigate the role of an in-house designer. If you have few peers in the workplace that understand and challenge you creatively, this committee is an outlet where you can discuss trends, issues, and ideas in an environment that supports your ideas and pushes you to strive for better results. Want more information? Contact [email protected].

Consider volunteering to plan the quarterly Coffee Break Series, operate the monthly Lunch Break Series, update our web page and LinkedIn group, represent In-house designers on other chapter committees, and share ideas, design samples, processes, resources, etc. with one another.

Contact Leadership

Brent Larson
Committee Chair, In-house Designers