A solopreneur is a self-motivated, entrepreneurial, independent, and passionate creative spirit who dictates his/her own schedule, and who can go days without interacting with other creatives. Solopreneurs may also go by the names of Freelancer, Contractor, Independent, Self-Employed, Entrepreneur, One-(Wo)Man Show, and to a lesser extent, Lone Ranger.

As a solopreneur, just because you work alone doesn’t mean you like to be isolated from others. Like anyone in the workplace, you need a community to connect with for your own sanity and success. You know you love to talk creative, and yet somehow, your accountant just doesn’t count (so to speak). So if you’re looking to broaden your network with other like-minded solopreneurs, this is the group for you!


  • Develop and foster a Solopreneur Network and sense of camaraderie.
  • Create awareness in the Minneapolis community about this Solopreneur Group.
  • Get you out of your office/home.
  • Give you some good ears to listen to your creative pleas, jokes, and random quirks.
  • Form a resource tool for finding project partners and recommending one another.


  • Monthly get-togethers (lunches, happy hours, etc.)
  • Inspiring and informational talks by your heroes
  • ‘Buddy System’ for attending other AIGA events: Interested in an event, but don’t know anyone who’s going? Connect with a fellow Solopreneur and attend together!


Solopreneurs meet every month for conversation and networking. This is an open meeting for people who are currently solopreneurs, or looking to become one, and no registration is required. The meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at noon. Hope to see you at one event or the other!

Interested in Volunteering?

This committee offers solopreneurs an opportunity to connect with other design business owners. Committee members have passion for design, their business, and helping others. Solopreneurs may work alone, but that doesn’t mean they like isolation. They need a network and sense of camaraderie for their sanity and success. Get involved with this brand new initiative. Share ideas and help shape the future of the Solopreneurs Committee as they seek to create events, programs, and benefits for AIGA members who currently or aspire to run their own design businesses.

Contact Leadership

Rich Higgins
Rich Higgins
Chair of Solopreneurs
I am a Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer living in Golden Valley, MN. I have over 15 years experience designing brand identities, corporate brochures, promotional signage, weekly advertising, website refreshes, logo evolutions and art directing photo shoots.

I occasionally attend concerts, fill as soccer coach for my two kids, XC ski the local parks, frequent local breweries and enjoy traveling when possible.

I have a B.S. in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.