The March 20, 2014 Lunch with a Visionary focused on the topic of change, and how to embrace it, rather than fear it. Speaking to a packed table, Craig Franke, Principal and Creative Director of Franke+Fiorella, related how change had impacted his life as a creative, and how it continues to affect us as designers.

Craig recounted how artists like Braque, Picasso, and Cézanne (themselves agents of change in their time) influenced his early work as a painter and collagist. He talked about the incredible technological advances that have occurred during his design career, with an example of how the fax machine was a huge innovation when it first appeared, and yet now, even email is considered “old tech” by the Millennials.

And although we must accept and adapt to new tools and the speed of current workflow and deadlines, Craig reminded us that some things never change: the importance of communication, craftsmanship, and developing lasting relationships.

Summary by Brad Norr, photos by Jay Larson