As AIGA turns 100 in 2014, creatives across the country take time for reflection and celebration of the history of American graphic design and its profound impact. While we look back at the past and ahead to the future of design, we challenged you to think about your own career plans.

On a wintry February night, designers of all kinds braved the temps and gathered together at Fulton Brewery to write their goals. Banded together by a common mission—the pursuit of satisfaction—this band of dreamers and go-getters reflected, mingled, and discussed plans for their wildest dreams.

Everyone dreams. From career aspirations to personal changes, we each have something to look toward. Often the first step to making dreams reality is to write them down and launch our mission. So… 31 of us did just that. Fueled by Fulton’s full tap inside and Lulu’s Street Food outside, we wrote letters to our 2015 selves. To celebrate the “launch” of our objectives, we each sealed our letter in a self-addressed envelope and deposited it in a rocket ship time capsule for safekeeping.

At the end of 2014, we’ll launch this rocket and deliver the letters back to their awaiting, and hopefully changed, authors.

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Photo by Jay Larson.

The “So…” series brings together Emerging Designers—be they recent grads or experienced pro’s jumping into a new aspect of the industry—through a quarterly series of lectures, discussions, and social networking events.