AIGAMN is organizing Facet, a new one-day virtual design conference focused on expanding the definition of design and the design community.

We are looking for speakers who come to design from a broad variety of backgrounds; who took untraditional paths to become a designer; who can speak about expanding the breadth and depth of the design field, and the intersectionality of design with other disciplines, places, and cultures.

The event will take place in 2021 as a virtual conference.

We are now accepting speaker proposals. We are looking for speakers and panels on a variety of topics about the wide variety of paths and practices of design. Topics include:

  • Untraditional paths to becoming a designer
  • What defines successful design or a successful designer?
  • What does it mean to be a designer?
  • What are some unexpected ways designers cross boundaries between disciplines, e.g., food, music, medicine, etc.
  • When have designers been inspired to take non-traditional paths?
  • When have adjacent skills led you to become a designer?

If you are interested in participating, please fill our Call for Speakers form.

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