In another great installment of the AIGA Minnesota Luncheon series, attendees heard the story of the creation and development of Hum, a songwriting app for iOS that was designed and developed here in the Twin Cities by Aaron Shekey and Joseph Kuefler. Starting with their ideation phase, Shekey and Kuefler shared their preliminary sketches and prototype mockups, and talked about the importance of solving problems that satisfy personal frustrations by building apps that you yourself would want to use. The duo also shared lessons they learned from their unsuccessful Kickstarter, adapting to iOS 7’s new design language, and building engaging interactions that delight users.

Now that the app is live and receiving positive feedback from press and users, Shekey and Kuefler shared their plans for the future, which include new platforms, new applications, and a pivoting business model.

Find more details about Hum from their website, or download their app from the iOS app store.


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