This week’s Design For Good meeting was a collaborative event where attendees were active participants in a brainstorming activity that focused on the basics of design thinking. We brainstormed in pairs about how to improve individuals’ work stations. We began by observing current stations, unique aspects and needs. Then we brainstormed and sketched ideas and improvements, finishing with a prototype for the most favored idea. We started this month with a personal situation that people would have first-hand experience with in order to go over the steps of the design thinking process.

Next month we plan to tackle local Minneapolis issues and will continue to show how design thinking can be applied to any problem or situation. We kicked off what will continue to be a monthly group meeting concentrated on equipping ourselves to be better design thinkers so that we can tackle social issues. The group plans to serve as a tool to educate and inspire. We are looking forward to seeing what ideas will bubble up from here.

New members are always welcome to join the conversation. Keep an eye out for an announcement on the next session.

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Please contact Sandy Wolfe-Wood, Associate Director of Design for Good with questions.

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Emily McLaughlin
Emily McLaughlin
Director of Communications
Emily is a graphic designer and creative director based in Saint Paul, MN. She passionate about the potential for design to cultivate collaboration and cleave opportunities. As Communications Director of AIGA Minnesota, her emphasis is on supporting and engaging the design community while kindling new connections.