As part of the October 2013 AIGA National Head, Heart, Hand conference kick-off, members of the AIGA Minnesota board of directors braved the stage alongside the talented Alex Rossi and members of Root City and Rhythmic Circus.

Together, they performed the following original song written by Rossi to welcome conference attendees, Minnesota style.

Known for being cold and those funny accents
But it’s not just Hot dish and winter jackets
It’s high definition, and interactive.
The best-kept secret on the U.S. map is

At the tip of the Mississippi river you a find it
A place so nice, we moved here twice.
St. Paul & Minneapolis, side by siders.
10,000 lakes and even more designers
Where the music still thrives, the arts still shine
And everyday is so Minnesota nice
Where the Twin City nights will blow your mind
It’s where Prince learned to party like ‘99

We got the Skyway system, Grain Belt Beer
Mall of America for souvenirs
The Guthrie Theater, Walker Museum
So Carpe Diem, get up and go see ‘em!

All the “You Betcha’s” and “Don’tcha knows”
“oh fer cute’s” the “Yaahs & Nohs”
There’s something in the water, and it’s washing up the shores and I guarantee you’re “gonna” want “Mary Tyler Moore” of it

Check out the live performance recorded here.
Videography and editing courtesy of Teigen and Craig.

Join us this Thursday, December 5th for a special CWC Members’ Meeting event to meet AIGA Minnesota chapter board members as well as hear Root City perform live again.


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Emily McLaughlin
Emily McLaughlin
Director of Communications
Emily is a graphic designer and creative director based in Saint Paul, MN. She passionate about the potential for design to cultivate collaboration and cleave opportunities. As Communications Director of AIGA Minnesota, her emphasis is on supporting and engaging the design community while kindling new connections.