Vanessa Berglund

There were more than 50 portfolios submitted for scholarship consideration at last year’s Portfolio 1-on-1. Perhaps no scholarship was more rigorous in its qualifications than the AIGA Minnesota Fellows. Vanessa Berglund, from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, won the 2018 AIGA Fellows. Vanessa graduated in 2018, interned at Little and then She She, and now is practicing the design profession at Malley Design LLC.

Need some inspiration? Check out Vanessa’s award-winning portfolio here. VanessaBerglund_AIGAFellows_Portfolio

Watch this post for the other 2018 portfolio scholarship winners.

Signe Johnson

Signe Johnson graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point shortly after winning the Larsen Senior Designer scholarship at last year’s Portfolio 1-on-1. Judge Dale Johnston commented that Signe’s portfolio was a sign of “an old soul at work”. Signe worked after graduation on a free lance basis for the St. Michael’s Foundation. She is currently the Graphic Designer and PR Marketing Manager for online luxury handbag company, Bag Borrow or Steal in Middleton, WI.

“As a creative, I live and breathe design through manipulating and strategizing brand, campaign work, art direction and photography. I love designing for industries involving fashion, wellness and food.” Signe Johnson

Check out Signe’s award winning portfolio here: Signe Johnson Portfolio – Larsen Senior Designer_x1

Dana Kingery

Dana Kingery headed west after graduating with a BFA from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and having won the 2018 Smartpress Portfolio 1-on-1 scholarship. She interned at Studio Mast in the Greater Denver area, while free lancing remotely for Minneapolis’ The Smallest Ant. From there she relocated to Nashville, where she practices her craft as a Junior Designer with Perky Bros LLC.

Dana Kingery is a two time winner at Portfolio 1-on-1, having submitted an award-winning portfolio in 2017 and 2018. She clearly has an affinity with the outdoors. See Dana’s 2018 portfolio here: D_Kingery_AIGA_P1on1

Hans Slade

Two-time Portfolio 1-on-1 scholar Hans Slade advertises himself as a “four-eyed designer”. The BFA graduate of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and member of the men’s rowing team secured a plum art direction internship at Colle+McVoy. Hans parlayed that into a full time position at that agency as an Associate Art Director. His AIGA Minnesota Portfolio 1-on-1 Scholarship victory was either a nice wrap on his academic career or a nice kick off for his professional career, or maybe both.

Check out Hans Slade’s award-winning 2018 portfolio here: slade-portfolio-4.18

Monique Kantor

After completing her post-baccalaureate degree in design from Concordia University in May of 2018 (augmenting a prior degree in psychology from the University of St. Thomas), Monique spent the ensuing months designing and overseeing a major backyard renovation project, designing and contributing a poster for Posters for Parks for the Minneapolis Parks, and searching, finding, and training a new wire fox terrier puppy to be her next muse for future works. She is currently revisiting her screen and relief printing passions at Highpoint Center for Printmaking, converting her graphic designs into hand-pulled prints, and continues to create new images for her series of graphic wildlife and landscape designs featured in her portfolio and website (

Ideally, Monique would love to find a design position that would flex her illustrative, conceptual, and typographic skills in a flexible environment. Peruse Monique’s AIGA Minnesota award-winning portfolio here: Kantor_Portfolio

Matt Sullivan

Matt Sullivan won last year’s Little Production Artist Portfolio 1-on-1 scholarship, based on strong conventional design augmented by structural design chops and prototyping skills picked up during his unconventional design education. Matt graduated with a BA from Concordia St. Paul after articulating into CSP from Dunwoody College of Technology’s AAS program, where he originally developed and refined his structural design and CAD package and display production abilities. Matt held down internships and part time jobs at Great Northern Corp. and DL’s Die Cutting while at Dunwoody, and then went on to internships at Design Replace and Duffy while at CSP. As a Duffy intern, Matt designed and installed the curated Duffy retrospective hosted by Concordia, working closely with Joe and Joseph Duffy throughout the process. Matt parlayed his internship into full time employment as a designer at Duffy.

View Matt Sullivan’s award-winning portfolio here: MS_Port18_Final

View a photo gallery of the Concordia St. Paul Duffy retrospective here.

Contact Leadership

Danilo Bojic
Danilo Bojic
Director of Education
As a native Serbian, born and raised in Belgrade, Danilo has earned his BFA in Graphic Communications and BA in Art History from the University of Houston in 2009. In 2012 Danilo had successfully defended his thesis and holds an MFA Degree in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston.

Danilo engages the questions of enticing shifts in perception in design education and the influence of contemporary society and culture on our visual cognition in his research practice. His goal is to visually investigate the ability to communicate in different formats and create different levels of cognition through perception, acceleration, and construction of messages that raise consciousness, sensitivity, and conviction.

In his teaching practice, Danilo is committed to transforming the traditional design curriculum to expand the level of understanding of core and advance theoretical principles while utilizing historical and contemporary knowledge to enhance the learning experience. Danilo currently teaches design at Winona State University in Minnesota, USA.