Summary by Kayla Dohmen, Senior Design Major, MSU Mankato

Jeremy Mickel is a type designer who runs MCKL, a type foundry and design studio in Los Angeles. On February 1, Jeremy visited Minnesota State University, Mankato to give a public lecture about his journey into type. His lecture helped kick off the Project Passion opening reception on campus for which Jeremy was a juror.

Jeremy showed us some of his earliest work from his childhood, and some of the larger projects he finished more recently. We were able to see how his fonts were utilized by major brands such as Minute Maid and New York Times, and how he created custom typefaces for Travel and Leisure and Adidas. I enjoyed viewing Jeremy’s educational journey and his personal growth in the field.

Jeremy’s passion is clearly seen throughout his work, and his encouragement to students — to keep trying, to take risks, and to put yourself out there like he did — was very refreshing. He told us not to be afraid to seek mentorship, to reach out to someone already in the field. He stated, “The worst that could happen is they don’t write back, the best that could happen is it could change your life.” His work was remarkable to look at, but to learn about his passion and desire to make his work was even more remarkable.

I was encouraged to hear about the steps Jeremy took to make his dreams a reality. When living everyday life, it can be easy to put our dreams on hold as reality tries to inform us of what we’re capable. However, one thing I took from Jeremy’s lecture is that his steps consisted of talent and passion, mixed with the process of trying, risking, failing, trying again, and succeeding. He made it clear that those things can happen continuously, and in any order.  But that process itself is what makes the dream become a reality. Once you start that process and are committed to it, Jeremy proves, it can take you anywhere.

Thanks, Jeremy, for the encouragement, and for giving us a glimpse of where our passions can lead us.

Photos by David Rogers, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, MSU Mankato

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