The evening spent at Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) was an adventure as their team shared their goal to get “Every Butt on a Bike” to experience a world full of gravel, sand, dirt, ice, snow, and asphalt.

Time flew as we listened to nine presenters, including seven art directors, share their strategies for promoting the bike life, from the overall QBP brand to the development of their own cycle lines. They graciously took us on a tour of their massive, award-winning space and served beverages from Rush River and food from the QBP cafeteria.

Purpose-driven design is the focus of the QBP team. They are committed to quality bike development and pay attention to every detail of the experience. Their in-house design team is passionate about bikes, many being avid bikers, and are interested in making an enduring contribution to the world. They look deeply into what drives people to do what they do, and they build their brands to support those lifestyles. While some would see the usual in-house suspects of budget, time, and plenty of “do-it-yourself” projects as restricting, they argue that those challenges are what generate creative solutions and extraordinary work.

A big thank you to QBP for their inspiring presentation and commitment to advocating for bike culture on a larger scale.


Photo by Jay Larson


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Emily McLaughlin
Emily McLaughlin
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