Many Freelancers gathered together to hear inspiring words by Jeff Holmberg of Holmberg Design Co. at the July AIGA Luncheon. Jeff’s inspirations from the simplistic industrial logos on trains that are one color with large margins of space is evident in his work with Borgart’s Doughnut Co., Rustica, Dogwood Coffee and Hello Pizza. Jeff shared how he found seasons of patterns throughout his 10 plus years as a freelancer. The greatest lesson Jeff has learned is, change will happen. Like a farmer who plants his crops with the unforeseen weather, a freelance designer has the unpredictability of work and no idea of future.

Jeff used the analogy of a tree, how its branches are reaching and growing. This is how he sees his life’s journey. Jeff explained how he dealt with the unpredictability of work. During the times of inactivity one can take the opportunity of seeing the less obvious things. Life can be hiding and we need to see it. Things will not always be the same but this brings hope to his challenges and also reminds him not to miss out on each day and the people, experiences and observations.

In a tree, branches reach and sprout off of one another. Even its leaves reflect the structure of the tree. Jeff challenged us to become more ‘you’ the coming week by reaching and growing. Besides the many thought provoking words, Jeff gave away his posters of a minimal interpretation of a tree branch reminding us of the seasonality we find in everything around us.

Post written by Sandra K. Theis, AIGA member, Solopreneur Co-Chair, Design Camp Committee member

Photos by Jay Larson

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