Dear Creative Colleagues,

For those of us in Minnesota, the tax landscape is changing fast. This week, the Legislature is working on an Omnibus Tax Bill, and we have heard that sales taxation of digital goods may be included in the overhaul.

As you might already know, one of the main avenues by which we creatives avoid having to collect sales tax is by delivering via the internet. We don’t know yet whether our kinds of deliverables would fall under the definition of digital goods. But it doesn’t serve us to wait.

Our legislators need to hear from us today, before they put the final touches on the bill. To help, you just need to do three things:

1) Look up your legislator. If you don’t know your district, use the district finder below first.

DistrictFinder – Locate your district if you don’t know it.

Senate member list

2) Make five minutes TODAY to dial your senator and representative.

3) Tell them that you’ve heard that a tax on digital goods might be included in the Omnibus Tax Bill pending. Tell them that a tax on digital goods could have unintended consequences – possibly partially reinstating the tax on business services that was so soundly rejected in the Governor’s plan a couple of months ago. Tell them you oppose taxation of digital goods and ask them to be sure that any proposed tax on digital goods does not negatively impact small businesses.

Thank you,

Sharon Sudman
Sales Tax Working Group of the Creatives Group

Jenny Schmitz-Hinshaw
President, AIGA Minnesota

P.S., if you have the time, call the Tax Committee chairs too, here are links to that information:

Senate Tax Committee (Ann Rest, chair)

Contact Leadership

Brent Larson
Brent Larson
Brent is an award winning Motion, 3D, and Graphic designer with 20 years of experience working in the architectural, manufacturing, legal, corporate, and film industries as a solopreneur, agency, and in-house designer. He has experience in illustration, graphic design, product design, 3D modeling & animation, motion graphics, video production, live & virtual event production, presentation design, art direction, and project management. He currently works as a corporate in-house Principal Motion and Graphic Designer in the MedTech industry.

Before becoming AIGA Minnesota President, Brent served as Vice President from 2022-2023 and Chair of the In-House Designers Committee from 2019 - 2023.

Brent volunteers as a mentor for emerging designers and is a member of the AIGA Minnesota Mind to Mind Mentorship Program Committee.

His interests include history, film, design, animation, illustration, 3D printing, model making, woodworking, golf, bowling, fishing, and restoring things.