Thu, Aug 10th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
The Bad Waitress NE
700 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55414

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Cocktails with Creatives: The Bad Waitress

Join friends and colleagues for a night of conversations and connections. Cocktails with Creatives’ sponsor Chank Diesel of Chank Fonts! will buy a beverage for the first 30 guests.



By working with local distributors, we are better able to ensure the freshness and high quality that we demand in our end-product. These relationships create a congruence of ideas and innovations, instill a philosophy of food ethics and morality, and support other local businesses in our joint effort to create a network of sustainability and vitality.




chankAlphabetician. Builder of Fonts. Chank Diesel. That’s me. And I create everything from custom fonts for corporations and ready-to-buy fonts for professional designers to the occasional free font for the masses. My fonts are seen everywhere, instantly setting the intended tone for packaging, advertising, video games, publications, you name it. It may only be 26 letters (well, uppercase and lowercase, plus a fistful of symbols) but what they say is more than what they spell. You’ve got a project. A vision. The letters A-Z. Now, what do you want to say? [email protected]


About Cocktails with Creatives

Cocktails with Creatives (CWC) is a monthly social and open networking opportunity for members and interested non-members. Get in touch with the Director of Membership with questions or to discuss our membership structurevolunteering, or venue ideas.

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Muriel Bartelme Kreske
Muriel Bartelme Kreske
Director of Membership
Thoughtful design is powerful, it can solve problems, ignite passion and bring people together. Design can also be beautiful, functional and change the way people interact in the world.