Thu, Nov 3rd, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Norseman Distillery
451 Taft Street Northeast, Minneapolis Minnesota 55413

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Norseman distillery, founded in 2013 by Scott Ervin, is the first legal distillery in Minneapolis since prohibition. Boasting one of the largest craft spirits portfolios in the World. With innovation in mind, Scott and his team of hardworking creatives have paved the way for what a distillery can offer in Minnesota.

Our amazing sponsors are font designer and artist Chank Diesel and Spectrum Studio.

Join us for a cocktail or mocktail OR the featured drink specially designed for this event will be a “Pumpkin Spice Shotté,” a tasty cream shot of spirited liqueur with all-natural pumpkin pie spice flavoring.

In addition, please stay to celebrate the first ever CHANKTOBERFEST. Our sponsor, Chank Fonts, will be displaying future fonts and his recent font creations, unveiling a new T-shirt design that will be available for purchase, and showing a special sale selection of posters he has created and collected over the years, celebrating three decades of design and art in the Twin Cities.

About Our Sponsors

Spectrum Studio creates vibrant imagery filled with drama, flair and eye-catching appeal. By combining artistry with state-of-the-art technology, we bring visuals to life with dazzling impact. If you’re out to inspire your audience and invigorate your brand, let Spectrum Studio create the spark that sets you apart.


Chank Fonts are used by millions of Adobe users who can access many of his fonts through the Adobe Fonts service. Chank has created over a thousand fonts in his prolific career, which are also available online through great font distributors like MyFonts, Fonts.com, Fontspring and the I Love Typography font store. His fonts can be seen at Chank.com and seen in action at the portfolio site ChankFonts.com.

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Muriel Bartelme Kreske
Muriel Bartelme Kreske
Director of Membership
Thoughtful design is powerful, it can solve problems, ignite passion and bring people together. Design can also be beautiful, functional and change the way people interact in the world.