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Ideas and inspiration come faster when you collaborate. Our first ever
AIGA Student Groups Get Together is on! Join us to exchange ideas, see what
different groups are doing, and connect. Listen in on the hurdles, the unexpected,
and the rewards experienced by upperclassmen and graduates.

DesignXConnect is open to all AIGA members and non-members.

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Danilo Bojic
Danilo Bojic
Director of Education
As a native Serbian, born and raised in Belgrade, Danilo has earned his BFA in Graphic Communications and BA in Art History from the University of Houston in 2009. In 2012 Danilo had successfully defended his thesis and holds an MFA Degree in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston.

Danilo engages the questions of enticing shifts in perception in design education and the influence of contemporary society and culture on our visual cognition in his research practice. His goal is to visually investigate the ability to communicate in different formats and create different levels of cognition through perception, acceleration, and construction of messages that raise consciousness, sensitivity, and conviction.

In his teaching practice, Danilo is committed to transforming the traditional design curriculum to expand the level of understanding of core and advance theoretical principles while utilizing historical and contemporary knowledge to enhance the learning experience. Danilo currently teaches design at Winona State University in Minnesota, USA.