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Thu, Jan 19th
Spyhouse Cafe
2404 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis Minnesota 55405

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Please join us

Come and join us at Spyhouse on Hennepin from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

To learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion committee and AIGA Minnesota, connect about diversity & design, and share a book giveaway and some activities to get to network and know one another.

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Mario Jimmy Barron Aguilar
Mario Jimmy Barron Aguilar
Co-Director of Diversity & Inclusion
I graduated from Augsburg University during 2019-2020. I became fascinated with UX and UI in two distinct ways. UX came across me before the epidemic when I attended events for people interested in UX design. I was taking a Marketing Research course at the time, although I enjoyed it. It could not compare to the excitement I got from doing User Research exercises. I was able to relate my skills and personality closer to the field of UX as a pose to Marketing.

UI became of interest through the books I would buy outside of my Graphic Design classes. It was like Graphic Design but with a different feel. I think the UI designer can control and maneuver through various tools. I am a person who thrives by being challenged, is very curious about my learning style, and is an empath at heart.

Ready to connect with you on any D&I initiatives