Virtual Event
Thu, May 5th, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Virtual Event

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Presentation & Discussion for the Creative Community

Greg Hoffman’s new book Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons From a Life at Nike is a celebration of creativity and call-to-arms for brand-builders to rediscover the human element in forming consumer bonds. Greg will be sharing some of his stories and insights and then hosting a question and answer so you can participate and learn more about his experience.

About Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman is a global brand leader, advisor, speaker, former Nike Chief Marketing Officer and the founder and principal of the brand advisory group, Modern Arena. Hoffman led teams in shaping and expressing Nike’s brand voice and identity through storytelling and experiences around the world. Every story was distinct, yet the result was always the same: a strong emotional attachment between products and people—quite literally emotion by design.

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Emily McLaughlin
Emily McLaughlin
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Emily is a graphic designer and creative director based in Saint Paul, MN. She passionate about the potential for design to cultivate collaboration and cleave opportunities. As Communications Director of AIGA Minnesota, her emphasis is on supporting and engaging the design community while kindling new connections.