Fri, Nov 1st, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Fueled Collective Uptown
1010 W Lake St #100, Minneapolis MN 55408

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About this Event

Turning a healthcare rebrand into a rallying cry that leads to growth in a challenging business environment.

Rebranding for maximum impact in an increasingly competitive industry

Minnesota’s rural hospitals are a positive economic force and contribute to the sense of pride in small communities. But, consolidation is rapidly changing the economics of the healthcare industry.

Economic hardships have driven some rural hospitals and clinics to join larger healthcare systems. In many cases, this process leads to newer and bigger challenges. What’s the alternative?

This is the question that Douglas County Hospital’s leadership team asked. The answer came in the form of a merger with three other local clinics and a rebrand.

Going from being merged brands to becoming a single unified brand was a critical step toward growth. This rebrand process had a positive marketing impact, but also created alignment and rallied the organizations around a single cause.

Discovering the true impact of a unified brand experience

As a business leader, you know that your branding and marketing decisions can create an impact that goes beyond what meets the eye.

Join us for the Business Conversation to learn how Alomere Health, Curious, 3,2,1, Inc. saw the opportunities in a healthcare rebrand.

Hope to see you there.

About Our Guests

Edward Reif, Director of Community Relations & Development at Alomere Health

Sherwin Schwartzrock, Partner and Brand Consultant at Curious

Jonathan Wiese, Partner at 3.2.1, Inc.

About The Business Conversation

A monthly fireside chat series focused on the practical business challenges and opportunities surrounding creative ventures. Topics will cover the often overlooked areas of creative industries: the business side of creative projects. Hosted by Garrio Harrison.

Our guests will cover:

  • The nuts and bolts of managing creative projects that align with business goals and available resources.
  • Insights around deciding which projects to invest in.
  • Discussions about current creative trends and how to decide which ones are right for your organization.

Who is this series for:

  • Business leaders who need to understand the business of creative execution so they can make informed decisions about when to invest their resources to drive business results.
  • Creatives who what to understand the business impact of the work they produce and ways to better operate their own business.
  • Business Builders who need to understand how marketing and creative execution can impact their growth without compromising their return on investment.

This series is made possible by AIGA Minnesota, Fueled Collective and The Content Reactor.

Our monthly recordings will take place at Fueled Collective, Minnesota’s oldest community of business builders.

Fueled Collective is a fresh concept, bringing together work-life, nightlife, events, and most importantly, people. Our spaces offer a whole new way to live, whether that’s working in an entrepreneurial community, connecting at our social club or hosting events that make a real impression. fueledcollectivemn.com

Our show notes and supporting resources are made possible by the Content Reactor Team.

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