Calling all creatives, designers and putt-putt enthusiasts. Since the early 20th century, Miniature Golf has provided an outlet for friendly competition among colleagues, cronies, and budding romances. We’re joining this 100 year tradition with Design Camp’s first ever Mini Masters at Madden’s, but we need YOU. Design a hole at this year’s course and help campers connect over the lovable sport while adding your own chapter to the 100-year-old tradition. Proposals are due September 4th.

Submit your Proposal

Winning submissions will be announced September 6th. Winners will be chosen based on creativity, entry date, and relation to this year’s theme of Interconnection. Is your idea a little rough? Don’t sweat it—you’ll have time to get your hole up to par after your submission. Whatever your idea, be sure to let your personality shine! While you do that, make sure you read all the guidelines below.

Guidelines & Rules


  • Your company/team has to be attending Design Camp, October 4th-6th. We recommend teams of at least 3.
  • You’re responsible for transport, set-up and take down of your hole. It must be at Madden’s in time for the minigolf event Friday evening, October 4th, and taken down the same day. More logistics and details to come.

Design Requirements

  • Assembly should take 15–20 minutes.
  • The dimensions of the hole must be 16 x 6 ft or 8 x 12 ft and no taller than 8 ft.
  • Make sure you have one starting point (tee) and one “hole.” The tee pad must be level.
  • The edges of the hole should have a border of 4” to keep the ball on the green while playing.
  • The ball should roll easily on your playing surface. We suggest Astroturf or outdoor carpeting.
  • Don’t use materials that can damage Madden’s property like liquid or sand—the course will be indoors.
  • The hole should be par 4 or under to keep things moving along.
  • Electrical power can be provided with advanced notice.
  • Please create a safe, respectful, and inclusive design.

For more details about AIGA Design Camp, visit our website.

Questions or concerns? Contact [email protected]

See you on the green!