Thu, Apr 12th, 9:00am - Fri, Apr 13th 5:00pm
Muse Event Center
107 3rd Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55401

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Before you start applying to jobs get a gut-check from experienced creative professionals at Portfolio 1-on-1. This design-centric conference will give you the opportunity to present your work in mock interviews for constructive feedback and valuable connections. You’ll also have the opportunity to tour agencies and studios, hear from panelists and speakers, attend hands-on workshops, and network with other students.

About Our Keynote Speaker

Meg Lewis

Are you hoping to work in a creative industry, but aren’t a designer? If you’re aiming to be an advertiser, marketer, writer, photographer, or any other creative pursuit, join us for our keynote speaker Meg Lewis as she walks you through growing your creative self and career.

A Bit About Meg

Meg Lewis is a designer creating experiences for happy companies and a one-on-one educator creating happier lives for humans of all kinds. Meg is the founder of Ghostly Ferns, a collective of designers & commercial artists and is the co-founder of Fool Proof, a shared workspace for creativity & collaboration in Minneapolis. She specializes in creating emotional connections between businesses and their audiences by adding personality to their brand. Meg is also a sought-after speaker and educator, traveling the world to present at conferences and private events on personal brand, defining a purpose, and living an authentic life.

Check out some of her stuff here!

Workshops | Friday, April 13th

Chank Diesel | Alphabetic Explorations: Spontaneous Font Creation Workshop

Alphabetician. Builder of Fonts. Chank Diesel. That’s me. And I create everything from custom fonts for corporations and ready-to-buy fonts for professional designers to the occasional free font for the masses. My fonts are seen everywhere, instantly setting the intended tone for packaging, advertising, video games, publications, you name it. It may only be 26 letters (well, uppercase and lowercase, plus a fistful of symbols) but what they say is more than what they spell. You’ve got a project. A vision. The letters A-Z. Now, what do you want to say?

Rishi Murugesan & Dana Kingery | The Honest Truth About Internships

How to get them, how to succeed at them, and everything else you wanted to know.

Jon King | Dot Your I’s & Cross Your T’s

Come learn about the ins and outs of type illustration, the art of painting murals, and how I kerned my way into the world of designing letters! Please bring questions!

Ashley Hohnstein | Paving Your Way to a Full Time Job

So you’ve got the internship, now what? Let’s figure out what the hell you’re doing, how to ask if you don’t have any clue, and how to convince them to let you stay (should all the stars align).

Anne Ulku | Creating & Pursuing Passion Projects

Whether you lack motivation, creative ideas, the right skills or the right tools to be able to pursue your passion project—there is always a way around it. As creatives, it is so important to lead our own work and project our ideas into the world. We’ll explore ways around overcoming obstacles and fun exercises to kickstart your very own passion project.

Beth Sicheneder | Package Design

Learn the secrets to stepping up your package design. How to use communication strategy, stellar design hierarchy, and killer printed details to make your designs shine.

Nancy Lyons | Why Digital

There is a lot of opportunity in design right now. And so much of that opportunity lies in digital, interaction, and experience design. The problems we’re solving in the technology industry and the rising — and always changing — expectations of users are demanding more and more of businesses every day. Designers play a key role in addressing all of that.

In this talk, Nancy Lyons, CEO of Clockwork, will shed light on the common businesses problems digital designers help solve (spoiler: it’s more than webpage designs) and will discuss the future of the intersection between design and digital.

Chris Ryan | Product Design: Balancing Form with Function

Create more successful products by going beyond aesthetic and into usability. Incorporate ux principles, research, and user testing into your process whether you’re designing a poster or creating a new app. Chris will talk about his experience as a designer who started in brand and evolved to work in digital product, and how that range of experience has changed the way he thinks about form and function in design projects.

About Our Branding

Branding for this year’s Portfolio 1-on-1 is designed by Cue.

We are a brand design company.

Exceptional brands have an essence that guides everything they do. A meaningful idea at the center of what makes them successful. That essence is revealed in compelling ways to make them relevant in a changing world. Framing and revealing the essence of exceptional brands is what we do.

About Muse Event Center

Inspiration is all around us. It can strike at a moment’s notice, and lead us to create the new, the exciting, and the unforgettable. A great event is a work of art, and Muse Event Center is the canvas on which you can bring it to life.


Located in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota; Muse Event Center offers 9,500 sq feet over three floors of event space, giving Muse the unique ability to scale to fit events of any size. Capacity and comfort range with event flow and custom event floor plan for furniture set.

About Our Caterer

Catering for this year provided by Crave.

Led by an accomplished team of special event and culinary experts, the CRAVE Catering team has experience working in high profile restaurants, catering companies and event management firms throughout the United States. As a division of Kaskaid Hospitality, we’re able to draw from an extensive array of menus, experience, and hospitality professionals from 12 of the Twin Cities top restaurants.


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Contact Leadership

Cailey Birchem
Cailey Birchem
Chair of Portfolio 1-on-1® Committee
Hi, I'm a designer, illustrator, educator, and artist based in Minnesota.

After graduating from Alexandria Technical College in 2017, I went on to get my Bachelor's Degree from Bemidji State University with triple emphasis in exhibit design, graphic design, and studio arts. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the spring of 2022 with my MFA.

Currently, I am an experience designer at X-FCTR. We are an agency that focuses on consumer engagement through both digital and live brand activations.