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Tara Benyei

title: Inspiration Brochure
company: Werner Design Works Inc
category: Brochure

Inspiration is a pleasant departure from the usual real estate brochure. It’s theme of living in harmony with nature and neighbors is successfully conveyed through a combination of nostalgic illustration and photography with a scrapbook approach. The visual narrative helps create a sense of place and community for the reader, leading them to want to discover more.

The layout is thoughtful and well designed. The primary purpose of the piece as a sales tool has not been overlooked, as key selling points of the project are still clearly highlighted. The choice of materials and printing techniques also add a tactile quality that provides an additional connection for the reader. Its belly band with a purpose is a nice touch, combining a site map and contact and welcome information into a one poster that is then folded down and wrapped around the brochure.

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