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We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who helped make AIGA Minnesota Design Show 2006 such a HUGE success. This year’s Show would not be possible without the help of the following individuals and businesses. Please show your appreciation by supporting those businesses that support AIGA Minnesota.
Design Show 2006 Sponsor: Fox River Paper
AIGA Minnesota Gold Sponsor: The John Roberts Company
AIGA Minnesota would also like to extend a special thank you to the following:
Williamson Printing: Printing of CFE poster, twpc.com
Design Show 2006 Creative
  Website Hanson Design: kentonhanson.com
Design Concept OLSON: oco.com
Photography Leisure Products Solutions: leisuredesign.com
Photo of People's Choice Award Knutson Photography: knutsonphoto.com
Event Support
  Show Judges:
    Tara Benyei: Art Director at Alexander Isley Inc’s
    Kenna Kay: Vice-President/Creative Director for TV Land and Nick at Nite, a division of MTV Networks
    Dennis Miller: holds a faculty position in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.
    Jennifer Visocky O’Grady: Associate Professor at Cleveland State University, Co-founder and Principal of Enspace
  Penco: artsuppliesonline.com
Hennepin Technical College: hennepintech.edu
Associate Program Director, Design Show: Jodi Eckes
Committee Co-chairs: Jaime Griggs and Jill Woodruff-Gerold
Committee Members:
  Liz Bercaw
Jeff Berg
Brian Edlefson
Nancy Fleischhauer
Tony Fugolo
Zach Keenan
Eric Kloss
Kenton Hanson
Robb Harskamp
Liz Maddy
Kristine Mudd
Jennie Rogers
Sara Schulte
Ginny Shea
Rose Woo
Mark Yantos
Chapter Administrative Manager: Jennifer Western
AIGA Minnesota Board of Directors
  President: Amy Anderson
Vice President: Nyla Niblo
Karl Schweikart
Director of Communication: Jim Madson
Director of External Relations: Kate Kjellberg
Director of Programming:
Blaine Mattson
Director of Member Services:
Mary Deelsnyder
Associate Program Director, Experience Design: Larisa Warnke
Associate Program Director, In-House Designers: Brian Edlefson
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